Dr. Michael L. Johnson is the author of 6 books on chronic conditions and he is currently working on his seventh book. He is widely recognized as a leading expert in addressing chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, dizziness, thyroid disorders, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, headaches, and chronic pain after successfully treating thousands of patients suffering from these conditions.


Dr. Johnson is a practicing chiropractic neurologist who has been in private practice in Appleton, WI since 1983. He has accumulated of 4,500 hours in post-doctorate education. In addition to his post-doctorate studies, Dr. Johnson opened one of the first clinics in the U.S. that combined medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy in one facility. His clinics have been on the cutting-edge of the health care industry for years. Currently, Dr. Johnson devotes his practice to researching and addressing chronic health disorders.


Dr. Johnson has published numerous articles and has lectured throughout the United States. He has been a guest on many radio and TV shows and has been featured in a number of newspaper and magazine articles.


He has taught over 2500 doctors across the country and he is increasingly in demand as a coach to chiropractors and medical doctors nationwide. He formed the Neuro-Metabolic Super Group which is a group of doctors dedicated to healing patients with severe and/or chronic health conditions. (www.lifechangingcare.com)


Dr. Johnson lives with his lovely wife Michele and their 5 children near Appleton, WI. He is currently working in his seventh book, You Can Beat Diabetes…Naturally!